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ShouldersBack® Lite

ShouldersBack® Lite

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Improve your posture when riding, sitting or standing. The same great upper back support as our ShouldersBack Original in a lightweight, breathable fabric perfect for warm temperatures. 

  • Maintain Perfect Posture
    Vest-like garment gently pulls the shoulders back to improve posture while riding, sitting or standing
  • Comfortable, Lightweight & Breathable
    Sheer fabric for warm seasons & climates
  • Developed by Orthopedic Specialists
  • Designed to Wear Over a Shirt
    We recommend using for short periods to start, and gradually increasing the time of use as your comfort level increases
  • Hand wash, line dry
  • Available in Small (up to 24" chest), Medium (up to 38" chest) and Large (up to 50" chest)
  • Made in the USA

Did You Know?
ShouldersBack was EquiFit's first product. It has been featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Extreme Beauty Exhibit & fashion magazines. Appropriate for both women & men. Worn by professional athletes, dancers, chiropractors, dental hygienists, actors & models.

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