1812 Turnpike st North Andover Equestrian Shop, the original location 1812 Turnpike st North Andover Equestrian Shop, the original location

Our Story...

Aerial view of the original North Andover shop and Riding Academy next door

As a teenager, Paul Proulx began working with his two brothers, and one thing was certain: there was always a horse involved. It started with driving a cart full of vegetables through the streets of Cambridge, MA. Then it was selling Pony Boy Ice Cream at the beach or giving midnight hay rides. There was always an equine companion by their sides.

As they became increasingly successful, two brothers decided to start a Business, The Andover Riding Academy. They moved the Academy to North Andover, MA, as it began to flourish. It was here that Paul was struck with some pretty devastating news. He had grown an allergy to horses. As a rider and trainer, he was unsure what his next steps would be. But the businessman inside him had the perfect idea.

Paul Proulx In front of The Equestrian Shop when it first opened and was selling english and western wear

It was in 1954 that The Equestrian Shop was born. With Paul living in the back, he started his business, met his future wife, and had a baby girl they named Monique. They lived in the store until 1972, when they moved to Boxford, MA, and it began expanding. The dining room became the Breyer room, and Monique's bedroom became boot central.

The store eventually became a landmark within the town. "the place with the horse out front" was where one would go for any horse and rider needs. With his sister by his side, who knew nothing about horses but always supported her brother, Paul made The Equestrian Shop a household name.

Monique Proulx Pregnant outside th North Andover store location with customers leaving happy with their new saddle.

If you needed a saddle, there would be trailers in the parking lot so he could fit your horse. New riders would come in and get their new helmets, boots, and crops, prepared and excited for their next adventure into the equestrian world. If you were getting ready for show season, Paul would dress you from head to toe with the best-fitting attire that left you feeling like a fashion model.

The business flourished, and after college and some time in Vermont, Monique came home to keep the family business going. With her two kids bouncing around the store as babies, Monique and Paul continued the legacy and even expanded.

North Andover Relocation Sale when The Equestrian Shop moved to its Ipswich location.

In 2005, a second storefront location was opened in Ipswich, MA. In what was once known as Bruni's marketplace, the second store bounced around three locations within the plaza. In 2006, the mobile trailer was also introduced! It was the start of a new endeavor for The Equestrian Shop.

The two stores thrived for ten years, and Paul was so proud to be where horses and riders could go for all the essentials. In 2014, Paul passed away while doing what he loved. Shortly after, the lights were turned off in the North Andover location, the shop we had called home for 60+ years.

Ipswich Equestrian Shop Location patio area out front, when there was a kids event

Ipswich as the home base was just the start of a new chapter. Continuing his legacy, Monique worked tirelessly to ensure that whether a new rider or a show superstar walked in the door, they would leave with the same big smile and feeling that Paul gave his customers.

In 2017, the larger trailer was added to the mix to continue bringing products straight to where you need them most. In 2020, amidst the pandemic, Monique and her two girls, Brianna and Allysha, started painting and setting up the next chapter for The Equestrian Shop. Rowley became our new home.

The Rowley Location of The Equestrian shop with the sign out front and the open flag.

In these 70+ years of business, there have been rollercoasters of events and changes; we are so grateful for our customers' loyalty and hope to continue serving you for many more years. In Rowley, Ma, we will continue to be "the store with the horse out front," always available to ensure you and your horse look and feel the best whenever you enter the ring.

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