1812 Turnpike st North Andover Equestrian Shop, the original location 1812 Turnpike st North Andover Equestrian Shop, the original location


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the store open?

Our store is open 7 days a week!

Monday - Friday: 9 am to 5 pm

Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm

Sunday: 9 am to 2 pm

Do you offer blanket cleaning?

Yes! We are a drop-off and pick-up location for The Tack Shack, a well-trusted company for blanket cleaning and repair. To get your blankets cleaned, you will need to fill out a tag that we provide for each blanket. There you will provide contact info and what you would like done to your blanket. These will be tied to each blanket individually, and then each blanket should be placed in a bag. Multiple blankets can be in the same bag. Please leave your dirty blankets outside the store.

They will be sent out on Mondays and returned the following Monday. We will call you when your blanket has been returned so you can pick it up. If you have not picked up your blankets within two weeks of their return, a $3 per day storage fee will accrue per blanket being stored.

Estimates are no longer provided if you want to get a blanket repaired.

If you have any questions regarding our blanket repair and cleaning services, give us a call.

Where can I get my clipper blades sharpened?

We offer blade sharpening by National Sharpening every month. Sharpening is done on-site and can be done for clipper blades, knives, and scissors. Typically the pricing ranges between $8 to $15 per blade, though final pricing will be decided by National Sharpening. You can also get your clippers repaired, typically taking 2 to 3 weeks to complete.

Call us anytime if you have questions regarding our blade sharpening and repairs!

Can I get my leather items repaired?

You can get your leather repairs done by Kelley Stickney! Come to the store with your leather item requiring repair, and she can fix it up for you in about 2-3 weeks. 

Kelley charges the repair price based on the service being requested. 

She can also install nameplates, which are typically done within a week. Installs are $10 per nameplate

Do you offer saddle consignment?

Yes! If you have a saddle you are looking to sell, we might be your answer.

We offer two forms of saddle consignment: check or store credit.

With a check, a traditional commission fee will be applied to the saddle sale, and a check will be sent 30 days after the saddle is sold.
- Saddles listed for $500 or less have a 25% commission fee
- Saddles listed for $501 or more have a 22% commission fee.

If you choose to do store credit, a 10% commission fee will be applied to the saddle sale, and a gift card will be sent 30 days after the saddle is sold.

Used saddles sell faster when they are clean! We highly recommend cleaning it prior, or we can have it professionally detailed for you for a $30 fee.

If you have any additional questions, contact us!

Do you sell saddles?

We sell saddles on consignment! One of the best features of our consignment saddle program is the opportunity to try them out before purchasing one.

When trying a saddle, we will need to document
- Your information
- The saddle information
- A form of payment

The saddle is expected to be returned on the agreed-upon date in the same condition and with any additional accessories it came with. If the saddle is not returned by said date without any form of communication or if the saddle is lost or damaged during the trial, you will be charged the total cost of the saddle using the payment form provided.

All saddle sales are final and can not be returned once purchased.
Click Here to shop our consignment saddles.

Where can I get my saddle properly fitted?

While we do not offer saddle fittings in-house, two people we highly recommend include Lisa Kreiger and Colin Kimball-Davis.

Saddle fittings is an outside service; all pricing and inquiries can be directly discussed with the fitter.

To learn more, contact them directly.
Lisa Kreiger: (203) 685-2308
Colin Kimball-Davis: (508) 397-3800

Where can I get a nameplate?

You can get the perfect custom nameplate right here at The Equestrian Shop! We offer nameplates for stalls, saddles, bridles, martingales, halters, and dog collars.

CRW Nameplates creates the nameplates, and to avoid errors, we prefer that all nameplate orders be placed in person. If there are any errors to the nameplate, such as spelling, if it is from our doing, we will replace the plate at no charge. Any errors by the customer will have to reorder and pay for the new plate.

Plate Pricing is determined by size, font, number of lines, and other factors. It will be discussed during the ordering process.

Please allow approximately two weeks for nameplate orders to be returned. We will call you once they are in!

Do you offer custom embroidery?

We do! We offer custom embroidery on clothing, saddle pads, and coolers. There are a variety of fonts to choose from, but for a $25 to $75 digitizing fee, you can get a logo embroidered as well!

Todd's Sporting Goods or Linda Dolan perform the embroidery services. The embroiderer determines pricing based on sizing, number of stitches, and other factors.

These orders can be placed as a group or individually. Products can be left at the store beforehand, and we will call you when your order is ready!

I need a shadbelly but I dont want to purchase one, what should I do?

Rent One!

Sometimes, there is just that one derby class you'd like to do, but you want to avoid buying your own Shadbelly. Don't worry! You can now rent a Shadbelly from The Equestrian Shop weekly.

For $100, you can rent the item for the week, and all basic cleaning is included in this price. If the products are damaged extensively upon return, the customer is responsible for the price of repair and any additional cleaning necessary.

Use this more cost-effective way to dress the part and start winning those derby classes!

You have a mobile trailer? why?

Yes, we have a mobile trailer!

The Equestrian Shop has a mobile trailer that we bring to events all over the area. We know that horse shows and events can be stressful. Sometimes, we forget things, need something for a class we weren't planning on competing in, or just want to shop around while we are waiting for our event. Whatever the reason, we want to bring what you need to you.

Check out our events page to see where our mobile trailer will be throughout the summer!

I want The Equestrian Shop at my event, how can I arrange that?

If you're looking for a mobile tack shop for your event, we've got you covered! Our mobile trailer is always ready to hit the road and cater to your needs. Call us at (978) 365-1180 and ask for Monique, or fill out the inquiry form on our contact us page! Please provide us with as much detail about your event as possible to better serve you. We're excited to hear from you and discuss how we can make your event successful!

I need a more personalized answer regarding the question I have, what should I do?

If you have a more personalized question or need more specific advice, we are happy to help! Give us a call at (978) 356-1180 or come on in. We'd be glad to get you the answers you need to make the best decisions for you and your equine companion.