1812 Turnpike st North Andover Equestrian Shop, the original location 1812 Turnpike st North Andover Equestrian Shop, the original location

Meet Our Team!

Paul Proulx Holding his dog Rugby in front of the equestrian shop sign in the early years of the North Andover store.

Paul Proulx

Paul Proulx started working alongside his brothers as a teenager. No matter the endeavor, horses were always involved. The Equestrian Shop was born in 1954 when he no longer could teach due to growing allergies to horses. For 70+ years, The Equestrian Shop has been the place to meet ALL your horse needs. Paul's work made The Equestrian Shop a household name, and he always ensured his customers left the store happier than when they first came in. It was devastating to lose Paul in 2014, but his daughter Monique has kept his legacy alive since. Paul's dream will continue, always to provide a place for horses and riders at The Equestrian Shop.

Monique Paone Proulx and Paul Proulx standing outside 1812 Turnpike street, as The Equestrian Shop. There is a large model horse.

Monique Paone Proulx

Monique was on the back of a horse before she could remember. Growing up in the store, she remembers riding her horse Jimbeau outside the store while her parents were working. Family rides at GMHA and horse shows at the Plum Island Ould Newbury Horse Show were just a few of her best memories. She felt so lucky to work with her father for so many years. Although they didn't always see eye to eye, she was so proud to watch his passion for the business he created on his own. It was and continues to be her goal to continue his legacy and love of everything equine.

With help from so many wonderful people along the way, The Equestrian Shop has become a staple in the equestrian industry, celebrating 70 years in 2024!

Ann Hogan in her younger years, jumping in a horse show ring
Retail Associate

Ann Hogan

Ann has been a Hunter Jumper trainer in the North Shore area and brings 40+ years of riding experience to The Equestrian Shop. Throughout her riding career, she had many "firsts" at The Equestrian Shop; she bought her first saddle from Paul Proulx, who also measured her for her first pair of custom boots. Ann started working at The Equestrian Shop last summer and has genuinely enjoyed being able to help local riders and trainers with their horse and rider supplies. Ann's knowledge and experience are a true asset to the riding community, and we are grateful to have her on the team!

Mary Ann McInnis and her pup sitting on a couch outside.
Retail Associate

Mary Anne McInnis

Mary Anne joined the team in October of 2023. She began her equestrian career at age five and continued until she was 18 and headed off to college. Mary Anne started riding small and large ponies and became focused on equitation as a junior. After many years away from the saddle, Mary Anne began riding again in July 2021! We are delighted to have such an incredible asset on our team, and we look forward to seeing her continue to help new and experienced riders explore the equestrian world.

Roberta Taking a selfie with 25 year old retired police horse Butch
Retail Associate

Roberta Byington

Roberta has been at The Equestrian Shop for almost a year and has "loved every minute of it." She is a lifetime banker specializing in customer service and Auditing. She had attempted retirement two years ago, but it didn't last. She continues to do auditing 2-3 days a week and works at The Equestrian Shop whenever possible. Roberta has been in the horse world for about 40 years and has owned several horses, all for pleasure. She currently owns a 25-year-old retired Hampton Police horse named Butch. Sometime during this summer, they will do their Century Ride. While Roberta stays busy, she spends her spare time at home with her three dogs and two cats, all senior rescues.

Brianna and her horse Nick at the show grounds, with a second place ribbon from their most recent class.
Retail Associate

Brianna Proulx-Walter

Brianna has been on the back of a horse since before she could walk. You can regularly catch her with her side kick, Nick, at shows throughout the summer. As Monique's daughter and Paul's Granddaughter, Brianna is now the third generation to work at The Equestrian Shop. Although she has a full time job, she still finds time to help out at barn nights and on the trailer. We love having her smiling face around whenever we can

Allysha Proulx-Walter at Chapman University in a white dress and her honors stole on her shoulders
Marketing Manager

Allysha Proulx-Walter

Allysha joined the team in January of 2024. As Monique's daughter and Paul's Granddaughter, Allysha is now the third generation to work at The Equestrian Shop. Growing up, she spent most of her days hiding under saddle racks and napping in the blankets at the store. Her first pony, Plum, was a little Icon, making Allysha's introduction to the equestrian world easy. While it's rare that you'll find her on a horse nowadays, she loves to "groom" for her sister Brianna, which means just feeding her horse treats. As our marketing manager, we are thrilled to see her capabilities.

Black Lab and Potcake puppies with two white bows, one on each of their heads.
Happiness Consultants

Cinco and Delilah

Meet our dynamic duo, Delilah and Cinco, who make every visit to the store a memorable one! They are our ultimate welcome party, sniff patrol, and happiness providers.

Delilah is our Shop veteran who loves meeting new and familiar faces. She's as fluffy as a cloud and has the best personality. Cinco is the silly guy who joined our team in January with his mom, Allysha. He gets so excited every time he enters the store that he bounces around!

These two cuties are assigned the task of being happiness consultants. While they like to sniff out any treats you might have, they do their best to ensure you have a wonderful time in the store. They even offer the best fashion advice!

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