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The Flex-on stirrups system uses elastomer shock absorbers with a wide footbed to cushion the shock waves from the horse's movement. This helps the rider's stability and reduces joint stress across all equestrian disciplines.

Advantages: This technology maximizes comfort and preserves the rider's position and physique.

Shock absorption reduces muscle work and chronic pain (adductors, ankles, knees, and back).

This technology was demonstrated by bio-mechanical studies carried out by an independent sports laboratory.


The stirrup frame has an offset, skewed slot.

The stirrup leather gives the rider optimum contact with the horse, while the variety of angled footbeds helps to achieve a correct leg position in any discipline.

Advantages: The instant the rider puts on the stirrups, they position themselves perfectly, which leads to an immediate connection to the horse.

As a result, the stirrup is more easily found. Moreover, the footbed's angle reduces strain on the joints and muscles in the ankles.


The Flex-on stirrup's dimensions enable perfect alignment for the rider's optimal position (shoulders, hips, and heels). The angle of its inclined footbed promotes a natural descent of the heel.

NB: The flat footbed would be recommended for a rider with hyperlaxed ankles.

Advantages: The rider's posture is automatically and perfectly adjusted, and each support point is optimized. The rider's foot stays in place, reducing fatigue and encouraging precision.

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