Quiessence® Magnesium & Chromium Pellets

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Quiessence® provides high levels of Magnesium and Chromium in a pelleted and palatable form. Quiessence®

Quiessence® is a supplement that was formulated for horses to help support normal glucose metabolism, promote balanced behavior, and maintain relaxation in horses. Research shows that on a cellular level, within both horses and humans, Magnesium works closely with Potassium and Calcium. The lack of Magnesium in the body can result in low Potassium levels which can often lead to further health concerns. By supplementing Magnesium, especially for horses in a competitive lifestyle, may help support normal muscle function and help with tight sore muscles. Magnesium is primarily stored within the muscles in both humans and animals, so a lack of this mineral can lead to the reabsorption of this stored Magnesium, which can result in multiple neuromuscular issues such as muscle tightness, soreness or even injury. Therefore, the working muscles of a horse can certainly benefit from supplemented Magnesium, especially horses that are in a competitive lifestyle and those who are more susceptible to having tight sore muscles.          

Quiessence® promotes a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness. Horses that tend to express nervousness, muscular tension, inability to relax, irritability, hyper-sensitivity to touch or sounds, and poor memory retention can benefit from Quiessence® ,as it supports both physical and mental performance. Since Magnesium plays an important role in nerve function, this product may help those tense, spooky and inattentive horses regain a normal mental state and support normal balanced behavior.   

Magnesium also promotes peripheral circulation and assists the body with normal clearance of glucose in horses. While Chromium has been shown to improve glucose clearance by supporting insulin sensitivity. Together these two minerals support glucose uptake by the cell and a normal metabolic rate. Quiessence® provides both of these minerals and can help horses and ponies that are cresty-necked and insulin resistant by helping to maintain blood glucose levels within normal ranges and assist the body with normal clearance of glucose.

Active Ingredients:

Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Proteinate, Chromium Propionate

Inactive Ingredients:

Artificial Banana Flavoring, Distillers Grains, LignoSulfonate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Saccharin, Vegetable Oil, Wheat Middlings 

Directions for Use: Administer 2-4 scoops (ounces) per day or as recommended by your veterinarian or nutritionist.