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Quic Color - Color Intensifier & Shampoo

Quic Color - Color Intensifier & Shampoo

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QUIC COLOR: Gentle cleansing formula with advanced technology that creates intensifying shine for equine hair by optically altering the way light interacts with each hair shaft creating brilliant chestnut, & copper highlights. A low-sudsing shampoo that rinses out quickly.

Legendary stain remover and is gentle enough for everyday use. Used consistently, the optical effects intensify and enhance shine, while brightening chestnut and bay coats (bringing out warm golden highlights).

Naturally reveals the full intensity of every color within the mane, tail and coat while providing deep-cleaning to leave your horse soft, smooth and shiny. For best results, shampoo with Quic Shampoo first to get excess dirt and debris from coat, mane and tail.
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