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Nutrigood® Low-Sugar Snax

Nutrigood® Low-Sugar Snax

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Controlled Sugar & Starch Treats for Horses

We pack a lot of goodness into our Nutrigood treats, starting with all-natural ingredients and the irresistible natural apple or carrot anise flavor horses can’t resist. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your horse isn’t consuming extra sugar and starch they may not need. They’re great for all horses, whether they need a controlled sugar or starch diet, they are overweight, or you simply prefer to feed less sugar. There is NO sugar or molasses added to our formula, ensuring no more than 6.5% sugars which are present naturally.

  • Low-starch formula for safe treating contains 80% less sugar and starch vs. the leading treat*
  • No added sugar or molasses
  • All-natural ingredients—contains no artificial colors or flavors
  • Made in the USA
  • Great taste guaranteed!

*Based on the % NSC of leading horse treat brand, tested by a third-party lab in April 2017.

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