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Lexol® Leather Conditioner

Lexol® Leather Conditioner

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Preserves, Strengthens and Beautifies Your Leather

Award-winning Lexol Leather Conditioner helps to soften and renew leather. It conditions the leather and helps protect it from cracking and premature aging by using the finest oils to keep it strong and supple. The oils bond to the fibers in the leather and won’t seep onto non-leather surfaces or your clothing. Use Lexol Leather Conditioner regularly to keep your leather looking and performing its best.

  • Voted the best leather conditioner in 20 years by Horse Journal
  • Lexol Leather Conditioner helps prolong the life of your leather and protect your tack investment
  • Our formula softens leather and helps prevent cracking
  • Available as a liquid and a wipe for convenient cleaning
  • For best results, use with Lexol Leather Cleaner
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