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45 Main

45 Main Horse Treats

45 Main Horse Treats

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At 45 Main, our family puts your horse’s health and well-being first. Our horse treats are made only from top quality human grade ingredients to ensure your horse gets nothing but the best. The sweetness in our treats comes from applesauce containing nothing but apples, or carrots grated freshly for each batch. Molasses is added for flavor in our Carrot Cake and Banana recipes. By utilizing flaxseed oil, we provide your horse with vitamin E—an essential nutrient for nerve health and overall well being. Our treats are hand cut and baked in small batches with untiring attention to quality.

Our treats have short ingredient lists, are all natural, and have the lowest possible amount of sugar. Our treats are uniquely crumble resistant, without being rock-like so you don’t end up with a bag of dust and crumbs even if tossed in a tack trunk or packed into a backpack. Great for overall health, and incredibly tasty!

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