2222 Stubben Loose Ring Snaffle Double Broken Bit

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  • 2222 Stubben Loose Ring Snaffle Double Broken Bit
Price: $69.95
Product ID : 2222stubben
Manufacturer: Stubben
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Flat Rate (+$6.50)


16mm mouth
70mm rings
Sweet Copper on mouthpiece
The regular double broken loose ring is suitable for all disciplines (jumping and dressage as well as racing) and all levels. It is equally functional for beginners and experienced riders.
Among its advantages, the double broken loose ring snaffle offers the following:
-No pressure on the palate
-Balanced weight distribution on tongue and jaw
-No “nutcracker” effect
-More forgiving to mistakes caused by a rider’s strong hand or excessive pulling on the reins
The double broken mouthpiece offers a constant level of comfort to the horse. In addition, the metal used in this bit (sweet copper – see note on the right) encourages the horse to salivate and leads him to further relax the jaw.
The Sweet Copper metal offers the advantage of combining strength with a sweet taste. It is composed of full copper (at 90%), iron (at 7%) and aluminum (at 3%) without nickel. The hardening process used ensures the durability of the metal while still allowing the passive oxidation process to occur. While being tough, the sweet copper metal offers the main advantage of having a pleasant sweet taste, which will make the horse chew and salivate and therefore further relax and more easily accept the bit.

Benefits of a Loose Ring Snaffle

With a loose ring bit, the mouthpiece is not fixed in one position and the horse can therefore more easily play with the bit. The free sliding rings of the Loose Ring Snaffle enable the horse to adjust the position of the bit in his mouth. This tends to make the horse relax his jaw and chew the bit, thus encouraging the horse to accept the bit. When picking up the reins the rings move so that the bit is automatically positioned correctly.
Young horses or inexperienced riders should always gain experience with a loose ring snaffle before trying out a D-Ring or another type of bit.

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