2260 Stubben Golden Wing Gag 4 in 1 Double Broken Bit

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  • 2260 Stubben Golden Wing Gag 4 in 1 Double Broken Bit
Price: $99.95
Product ID : 2260stubben
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Flat Rate (+$6.50)


14mm mouth
70mm rings
The Golden Wing loose ring stands out with the very unique look of the lateral wings. These wings were designed to improve upon the limitations of the regular loose ring snaffle bit. With the latter indeed, three issues can arise:

                                                -pinching of the lips (in the area between the ring and the mouthpiece)

-and therefore fear of the horse to get on the outside rein (which in turn affects balance and ability to turn)

-and finally the problem of the bit moving too much through the mouth when subjected to strong hands (or too much pulling).

With the Golden Wings, all three issues can be solved! The wings prevent the lips from being pinched, the horse is therefore more relaxed and can more easily be steered. As for strong hands, they are limited by the wings securing the bit in the proper place.

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