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Perfect Prep EQ™ Training Day Powder

Perfect Prep EQ™ Training Day Powder

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Perfect Prep EQ™ Training Day Powder is a daily horse calming supplement that helps create focus and stabilizes attitude.
New color, same great formula!

  • Establishes a daily baseline of focus support for everyday training.
  • Administer daily with morning and/or evening feed.
  • Effects begin immediately and build gradually over 3 to 5 days.
  • Works well alone or as part of the Perfect Prep EQ™ Calming System. 
  • Contains no prohibited substances.

Pre-Event Level: For maximum effect feed 2, one-ounce scoops morning and night, beginning 48 hours before the targeted activity. Some horses respond better with an additional 2 scoops 3 hours before your event. Adjust for effect. 

Maintenance Level: Load by feeding 2, one-ounce scoops of Training Day formula twice daily for 2 days. Reduce to find optimum maintenance level. Each scoop delivers one ounce.

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