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Horse Amour

Peppermint Bit Wipes

Peppermint Bit Wipes

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These scrubby wipes help clear unwanted residues from the surface of any bit and can be used either before a ride for best flavor, or right after your ride for easiest cleaning. Incredibly handy to provide a quick cleaning to just about anything from horse faces and docks, to a quick boot touch up before you enter the ring - you'll find a hundred uses for them easily!

Key Features:

  • Effective, All-Natural Cleansing Formula
  • Durable Disposable Fiber Wipe Design
  • Handy Wipe Dispenser Packaging
  • Encourages Easy Bridling & Acceptance of Bit
  • Deliciously Irresistible Peppermint Flavor!
  • Size: 40 Individual 7" x 8" Disposable Wipes.
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