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Featured Product Of The Week - Ainsley Vest by FITS Riding

Lillian Robinson

Looking for a vest that combines style and function? Check out the Ainsley Vest by FITS Riding. Soft, comfortable and (most importantly) warm. Our favorite part? You can pair it with a variety of different colors which will make it a staple in your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Whether you throw it on as a top layer with a long sleeve shirt, jeans and fashion boots OR with your favorite barn sweater and breeches, this will be one of your favorites in the saddle and out. And for the price, you won’t feel SO bad about getting horse slobber on it.



  • The contrast of the copper zipper makes this vest look classy, chic and fashion forward.

  • Double zipper and vented back for comfort in the saddle

  • Mid-high collar for style and warmth

  • Soft, light weight and fitted

  • Slimming seams