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Featured Product Of The Week - American Glory Bags

Lillian Robinson

Do we even need to say anything about these bags? They speak for themselves!


With the mix of the warm tone of the printed linen front and the grey, supple leather, you can wear this bag with just about anything! Going for a boho look? Snag the slouchy convertible. More of a conservative gal? Grab the Tully Crossbody for everyday essentials.

 Tully Crossbody

Tully Crossbody

Another reason why we love these bags? Holiday gifting season is right around the corner! The Ella Cosmetic bag makes for the perfect stocking stuff (which you could totally double as a clutch!) and the economical tote bag is a great gift for just about anyone, because who doesn’t love a cute, reusable bag!

 Ella Cosmetic bag

Ella Cosmetic bag

Come in a check out these unique and fashionable accessories - you’ll not only want to buy one for your friend, but you’ll end up grabbing one for yourself too!


Featured Product Of The Week - Ariat Fall/Winter Sportswear

Lillian Robinson

It is no secret that Ariat’s Fall/Winter sportswear line is one of our favorites in the store. So, we have put together, what we think, is a rockstar pair.


This week we are featuring the Gridwork 1/4 Zip in Deep Tide. This piece is part of Ariat’s TEK collection as well as their Cold Series collection. Not only does it keep you warm, but transfers moisture away from the skin and keeps you dry during and after your ride. This is a MUST in your winter wardrobe and we think it serves best as an under layer.


The top layer in our featured outfit is the ever so popular Ramiro Sweater in Dark Denim. This is a comfortable and stylish wool sweater that is…machine washable! . This sweater is a staple and will have you looking classy in and out of the saddle. Layered together, this fabulous pair is practical, warm and fashionable. Top it off with your favorite vest or barn jacket and you’ve got yourself your new favorite #rootd!

Featured Product Of The Week - Ainsley Vest by FITS Riding

Lillian Robinson

Looking for a vest that combines style and function? Check out the Ainsley Vest by FITS Riding. Soft, comfortable and (most importantly) warm. Our favorite part? You can pair it with a variety of different colors which will make it a staple in your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Whether you throw it on as a top layer with a long sleeve shirt, jeans and fashion boots OR with your favorite barn sweater and breeches, this will be one of your favorites in the saddle and out. And for the price, you won’t feel SO bad about getting horse slobber on it.



  • The contrast of the copper zipper makes this vest look classy, chic and fashion forward.

  • Double zipper and vented back for comfort in the saddle

  • Mid-high collar for style and warmth

  • Soft, light weight and fitted

  • Slimming seams