AP-21417 Tad Coffin Pre Owned Close Contact Saddle A5 17.5"

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Price: $2,895.00
Product ID : AP-21417
Manufacturer: Tad Coffin Performance Saddles


Weight Charges (+$24.95)


Pre Owned TAD COFFIN A5 Close Contact Saddle
17.5 inch - 17 1/2" - Medium tree

Excellent used condition

The A5 is a consistent favorite among many of America’s top riders, its reputation for improving the performance of both horse and rider is well established. The A5 gives the rider an unprecedented feel of closeness.

Your Tad Coffin Saddle should accommodate a wide array of horses, if properly padded. Too much padding or too little padding will adversely affect the performance of the saddle. To help you with this, we have provided you with the following information:

Padding Your Saddle: Suggested Guidelines by Tad Coffin

There should be one finger’s width of clearance under the pommel (as shown) when the rider’s weight is in the saddle and the girth is properly tightened.

CAUTION: The under side of pommel must never rest on the top of the horse’s spine as this can cause serious injury. Wither clearance should be checked within the first moments of each and every ride. If the clearance is incorrect, discontinue the ride and adjust the padding.

More than a finger’s width of clearance on a low-withered horse is acceptable provided there is at least one layer of padding.

The padding required to achieve the correct clearance will vary from horse to horse and even over time with the same horse as his back shape changes.

The included leather pad may be exchanged if a different thickness is required.

Saddle placement is best determined by the distance between the horse’s elbow and the front edge of the girth. This distance should be approximately one finger’s width (as shown below).

If the front edge of the girth crowds the elbow, the saddle is too far forward

Conversely, too much distance between the elbow and the front edge of the girth indicates that the saddle is too far back.

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