Stubben Pelham EZ-Control Double-Broken Bit 2241

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  • Stubben Pelham EZ-Control Double-Broken Bit 2241
Price: $109.95
Product ID : 2241stubben
Manufacturer: Stubben
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Pelham EZ-Control Double-Broken Bit 2241

A BIT WITH TWO DIFFERENT ACTIONS: double broken mouthpiece can turn into a straight bar
Mouthpiece thickness: 12mm (for 4 ¾” width), 14mm (for other widths)
Cheeks: 1 ½” (for 4 ¾” width), 2” (for other widths)
Materials: Stainless Steel
Article number: 2241
Use: This Easy Control bit is well suited for horses that tend to pull forward too much. It is very useful to show-jumpers
because it can help recollecting the horse before the jump without having to exert too much pressure. The rider does
not have to pull hard on the reins. A simple tension turns the double jointed mouthpiece into a rigid bar. The action is then similar to a Mullen mouth bit. Then, once the horse is on the bit again, the EZ control system stops being activated and the mouthpiece reverts back to being a regular double broken one.

The Pelham bit can be used with one or two sets of reins. When used with two sets of reins, the Pelham allows the rider to exert a pulling motion AND have leverage.

The short cheeks of the Stübben Pelham EZ Control allow the rider to have a direct impact on the horse with a short and quick rein movement. Such impact is very useful for jumping, especially when having to turn fast in between

The Stübben Pelham comes with a curb chain that can be used tightly (to increase mouth action) or loosely (to increase leverage). In dressage, this bit can be used as a transitional bit before starting to use the Weymouth.

Overall, the Pelham EZ Control is designed for riders with skilled hands who wish to make light use of the hands while providing maximum results.

Degree of severity
(scale of 1 to 10): 3 to 6

Beginner rider: Not suitable
Young horse: Not suitable
Experienced rider: Suitable
Well trained horse: Suitable

The Easy (EZ) Control system is a locking device that allows a double broken mouthpiece to turn into a rigid bar when the horse is not responding properly to the rider’s hand.

Benefits of the EZ control system:
• Enhanced effect with minimum pressure on the reins
• Allows gentle and sensitive aids
• With the EZ-CONTROL-BIT, we have developed a bit that is very effective and has a strong action on demand, yet is positioned softly and comfortably in the horse’s mouth.
• The effect of the bit comes into action gently. When the horse accepts the bit, it lies smoothly between the tongue and the lower jaw.
• When the horse resists the riders’ aids, the leverage action of the bit is initiated. As soon as the horse backs down and accepts the rider’s aids, the bit becomes flexible and soft on the horse’s tongue and bars.

Stübben Steeltec quality:
• No rough edges that could hurt the horse's mouth
• Long durability due to selected materials
• A special processing technology ensures that bit holes and link pieces remain intact longer

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