Stubben 3-Ring Gag Double Broken Bit 2280
Price: $87.95
Product ID : 2280stubben
Manufacturer: Stubben
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A BIT WITH THREE RINGS: two settings for the reins for leverage control
Mouthpiece thickness: 18 mm
Ring diameter: 70 X 130 mm
Materials: Stainless Steel on rings and mouthpiece
Sweet copper on link
Article number: 2280
Use: The 3-Ring Gag Bit has proven its value in showjumping because the shape of the rings facilitates the steering of the horse. The bit is particularly helpful in dealing with horses going against the rider’s hands.
This bit can be used with two different rein settings:
-attaching the reins to the middle ring will provide an action similar to a regular loose ring snaffle.
-attaching the reins to the lower ring will greatly increase the impact on the poll (much more leverage is then possible).
Other possible use: foxhunting

Why Sweet Copper on the link?
The Sweet Copper metal offers the advantage of combining strength with a sweet taste. It is composed of full copper (at 90%), iron (at 7%) and aluminum (at 3%) without nickel. The hardening process used ensures the durability of the metal while still allowing the passive oxidation process to occur. While being tough, the sweet copper metal offers the main advantage of having a pleasant sweet taste, which will make the horse chew and salivate and therefore further relax and more easily accept the bit.

Degree of severity: MILD to STRONG (Varies according to the placement of the reins)

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