2233 Stubben 2 in 1 Loose Ring Snaffle Double Broken Bit

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  • 2233 Stubben 2 in 1 Loose Ring Snaffle Double Broken Bit
Price: $59.95
Product ID : 2233
Manufacturer: Stubben
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Flat Rate (+$6.50)


16mm mouth
70mm rings
The 2 in 1 loose ring snaffle can offer two impact levels depending on how the mouthpiece is placed in the horse’smouth (see 2 in 1 system description on the right).
Side with NO sign: the bit functions like a traditional
double-broken loose ring snaffle. It is suitable for all
disciplines (jumping and dressage as well as racing) and
all levels. It is equally functional for beginners and
experienced riders.
Side with + sign: the action is much stronger in the
horse’s mouth because the sharper edge of the bit is then
used. The impact exerted by the bit then requires a
greater control and more precise use of the hands on the reins.

The 2 in 1 system consists of a mouthpiece whose upper and lower sides come in different shapes.
One side of the mouthpiece is soft and rounded while the other is sharper.
The 2 in 1 bit therefore offers two impact levels by simply switching the sides of the bit.
-If you buckle the more angular side of the bit towards the horse’s tongue, the pressure occurs more selectively.
-If you buckle the round side towards the horse’s tongue, the pressure spreads over a larger area and it results in a softer impact.
The rounder side of the bit is a good option for sensitive horses.
Switching the sides of the bit from time to time prevents a desensitization of the horse’s mouth.
If the + sign is visible on the mounting side, the more effective side is in use. If you cannot see the sign from the mounting side, the softer side is in use.
Benefits of a Loose Ring Snaffle
With a loose ring bit, the mouthpiece is not fixed in one position and the horse can therefore more easily play with the bit. The free sliding rings of the Loose Ring Snaffle enable the horse to adjust the position of the bit in his mouth. This tends to make the horse relax his jaw and chew the bit, thus encouraging the horse to accept the bit. When picking up the reins the rings move so that the bit is automatically positioned correctly
Young horses or inexperienced riders should always gain experience with a loose ring snaffle before trying out a D-Ring or another type of bit.

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