2221 Stubben EZ-Control Loose Ring Double Broken Bit

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  • 2221 Stubben EZ-Control Loose Ring Double Broken Bit
Price: $72.95
Product ID : 2221stubben
Manufacturer: Stubben
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EZ-Control Loose Ring Double-Broken Bit by STUBBEN
16mm mouth - 70mm rings
-This Easy Control bit is well suited for horses that tend to pull forward too much. It is very useful to show-jumpers because it can help re-collecting the horse before the jump without having to exert too much pressure. The rider does not have to pull hard on the reins. A simple tension turns the double jointed mouthpiece into a rigid bar. The action is then similar to a Mullen mouth bit. Then, once the horse is on the bit again and accepts the rider’s aids, the EZ control system stops being activated and the mouthpiece reverts back to being a regular double broken one.
-The EZ Control loose ring can be used as well during the training of young horses. Many of them indeed begin to correct themselves as soon as the mouthpiece turns into a rigid bar.
-With children, the EZ control system allows the young rider to use a double broken loose ring while enabling him to apply pressure easily (without the necessity for much strength) when the pony is too strong or disobedient.

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